Wall witness Lung England 2012 London Olympic Games,

115 billion yuan. Recently, luyou Sports (China) Co., Ltd. launched the "Steve Nash in China" online interactive activities. Reporters learned that Steve Nash is the first leg of China trip activities Jinjiang, Nash will be July 17 to Royu company headquarters to visit. Royu start is reported, specifically for Nash to create the "Zonda" series this year officially in full production, and sales in all outlets. In addition, Steve Nash will be in Quanzhou PEIYUAN day flashed his high school basketball trick, and on-site guidance for basketball fans basketball skills. Steve Nash's favorite basketball fans will be able to go visit. June 26, 2012 London Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation LingJiangFu "Champion Long service" release ceremony was held, which is by the Chinese Olympic Committee, which lasted nearly two partners Anta award designed to create equipment. Assistant Secretary of the State Sports General Administration, Chinese Olympic

Committee Vice Chairman Xiaomin, Yang Yang, the International Olympic Committee, the Olympic champion Xu Haifeng, Guo Jingjing, national canoeing team members Qiang, Zhou and other guests attended to witness the "Champion Long service" the release ceremony. Long serving a Anta Anta champion champion champion Long Long serving 2 Anta month after serving three Chinese Olympic athletes will contest in London, toms shoes mens Chinese Olympic champion will be the combination of Anta's top sports clothing technology and design processes champion dragon clothes boarded the Olympic podium to show the world dragon style, showing the strength of Chinese sports brand. Wall witness Lung England 2012 London Olympic Games, Chinese sports delegation receiving

awards ceremony publish election in the world with big Juyongguan held. In witness Oriental dragon, cheap toms shoes representing the highest honor the Chinese sports apparel prepared to accept the award --- "Champion Long dress" was announced and completed the handover. Long serving the whole championship on colors for a bold breakthrough, breaking the previous LingJiangFu large area of red and yellow color stitching design concept, the use of red and yellow flag with a dragon pattern combination. A large area of the front of the chest blank, so that the overall image of the champion dragon suits prepare simple atmosphere significantly. The core elements champion dragon is a traditional Chinese dress, "dragon" concept. The Chinese are descendants of the dragon, 2012 is the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Dragon, a famous calligrapher Zhangzhen Yi gentleman and Anta designers together to form an Oriental dragon rendered in Chinese



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