once into the regular stores, the retail price should be at least

.... infant LaBelle Lishan Road "small Nike" counters, all kinds of kinds of shoes to attract a lot the attention of parents, of course, its high price is also a lot of people stay away. "A pair of baby shoes going three or four hundred dollars, which is too expensive, right? Adult shoes, but so can a child to wear a few days ah? It is so worth it!" One is for the baby to buy parents watching lament sandals. "Your children are a little high, but the quality is really not the same. And some parents is directed to children to buy this brand of Nike, and did not consider the price." Staff told reporters, "small Nike" in their store of time to market is not long, it more than a month before the project, the current situation can be sold. "Do not look at children's

clothing, shoes material saving, no price can be a little more than adults clothes, shoes cheap, especially some well-known brands, a child of four or five hundred dollars to the price of normal clothes." Liuzhang Yan told reporters that she had in the Ginza Mall to 4-year-old daughter bought air jordan 3 a dress, spent more than 900 dollars. "Compared with the fierce competition to wear, children's really better to make some money: more willing to spend money when many parents give their children to buy clothes." Insiders admitted. Obviously, higher profits and a broader market space, is the key to attracting many adult children's clothing brands have to enter the field. So, how high gross margins in the children's clothing wholesale business Wang to reporters calculations:? In Luokou wholesale flower wholesale eleven or twelve dollars to clothes, at the night market to sell fifteen or sixteen dollars, but once into the regular stores, the retail price should be at least

40 dollars or more. "It is said there are specialized analysts counted clothing, children's clothing can reach 60%, some even more than several hundred percent." air jordan 6 Wang said. Quadrennial European Cup, is not only a feast for fans around the world, is also the biggest names in sports marketing feast. 31 games, 16 soccer team, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro four giants period of nearly a month of competition, in the semi-finals after the game gradually seen. Up to now, Adidas hands of the chips are Germany, Spain advance to the semi-finals already two favorites to win the team, Nike, Puma-sponsored teams were each left one, namely Portugal and Italy.



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