MARKT data show that football in the world, with about 2 billion fans,

exceed 15 billion yuan. And last year, ranking first sales of 127.3 billion yuan, Nike, where soccer product sales of 115 billion yuan. "The first quarter of 2012, Adidas soccer category product sales increased 23 percent; European  nike magista obra fg Cup since the start of sales of the Polish national football category grew 50%," Adidas Head of Public Relations of China to the south have revealed that China's domestic sales also the absence of relevant statistical data. However, the reporter visited the Adidas store find, Spain, Germany national team jersey all the shelves, the current sales are the best. Where the customer re-authorize the European giants sports research consultancy REPUCOMandSPORT + MARKT data show that football in the world, with about 2 billion fans,

basketball fans around the world, there are 1.2 billion ranked second, two sports has been a world-class brand will land dispute. But after local sports brand in the top football tournament, few actions. However, all passengers are to break this situation. As the first European Cup authorized electricity provider, the website of the European Cup officially licensed apparel under the singular nearly 5000 a day, every day sales have exceeded 30 million. "In accordance with laws of the market, in the sportswear category, as long as football and basketball to occupy the market,

you can get a seat." Wu Fei said that all passengers from last October has begun a project layout nike mercurial superfly fg European Cup, until May of this year before completion of the contract is signed, the two sides from an authorized category, product range to independently design costs have been detailed consideration. The partnership's products are 60 balance football sports series, licensed content, including the European Cup LOGO, each team team logo, player signature, avatar and other players, clothing styles are mainly short-sleeved T-shirt, P olo shirt, knit shorts etc, the lowest 49 yuan. "Belong to the European Cup event of marketing, in the short term for the average



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