can bring thousands of new users every day for every guest, pull the

consumer acceptance where the customer's sports products. Currently, the European Cup can bring thousands of new users every day for every guest, pull the entire sports goods (non-European cup) sales increased 30 percent. "Wu Fei explained that in the long term the European Cup soccer  adidas 11pro trx fg authorized to enter the market where the customer was to open a door, where customers want the future to further expand the share of sports products and performance, with the focus on the movement itself international brands share. According to reports, the follow-up of the European Cup, where the customer has determined will continue to offer European giants FC licensed products. "In the spring and summer will try to make small quantities, such as the Champions League,

Chelsea, until the autumn and winter will carry out large-scale promotion." Where the customer for the layout of the series, you can see the 2011 campaign after adjusting infrastructure products has become split independent Division. "In the Chinese garment industry, 10 listed companies have 6-7 belong to sports brand although in the case of poor environment are carried out each year, self-adjustment, but on the whole force is adidas predator instinct fg still the future of Chinese sports products the development trend of the apparel industry. "Wu Fei believes, although where the customer is not a pure sports brand, but as the Internet's fashion brand, sports is an indispensable category. Data,

a German consulting agency data show that in 2012 global sales of football merchandise will more than 4 billion euros. Adidas estimated market share of approximately 38%, 36%, followed by Nike places. Euro boost for Adidas relevant responsible person said, by the 2012 European Cup, driven by sales of its football-related products in 2012 will exceed 15 billion yuan. And last year, ranking first sales of 127.3 billion yuan, Nike, where soccer product sales of



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